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11:30 Mme Aurelie's 5th Grade Class

12:00 Ms. Mary Russell's PreK-K Montessori Class : Despicable Me

12:30 Mme Fanny's French Kindergarten Class

1:00 Ms. Melanie Vaughn's 1-3 Montessori Class: Thriller

1:30 Ms. Carol Ann Easterling's 1-3 Montessori Class : All You Need is Love by the Beatles

2:00 M. Samuel's French Kindergarten Class

2:20 Mme Josephine & Mme Helena's French 3rd Grade Classes

2:45 TAM Student Performance

3:00 Mme Fedosie et M. Renaud French 6th Grade : Kid's United

3:20 Madame Jeannita's French 1st Grade Class

3:40 Mme Mildrede et M. Loic French 2nd Grade

4:00 Casa Samba Kids

4:30 Dance Quarter Dance Lessons